• I was born and grew up in Malatya.
  • I lived in İstanbul, Bursa, Bangkok, Bali and my deary green tent. (Still continues)
  • I visited more than 100 cities and more than 10 countries over the world. (Still continues)
  • I started a motorcycle (scooter) tour in Turkey and I rode +10.000km already. (Still continues)
  • I discovered almost whole Bali by scooter for photography. I shot ~7500 photos.
  • I climbed the smallest volcano in the world. It's in Philippines. Also, It's funny to tell where it is? (There is an island in the ocean and a lake on the island and an island in that lake and there is a lake on the top of the volcano and there is an isle in that lake. Like a natural matryoshka)
  • I visited and photographed +400 villages in Turkey (Still continues)
  • I swam in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans on the same day.
  • I faced death by a car accident in the Arctic Circle on the Russian-Norwegian border.
  • I tried magic mushroom in Free Christiania and I got high in Copenhagen Airport. (Funny story 🙂 )
  • I lived in a temple for a while in Bali. (Will be continued)
  • I walked 18 km with 34 kg backpack under 34 degrees in Philippines.
  • I walked 147 km in Rome and Firenze in 6 days.
  • I rode on my scooter for hours just to shoot a scene in my mind in Bali, Bangkok, Bursa and Istanbul. (Will be continued)
  • I visited +100 Hindu temples, +50 Buddhist temples, +100 mosques, +50 churches
  • I walked barefoot with my backpack under the monsoon rain for one hour in Kuala Lumpur due to GPS malfunction, just to find out that the actual destination was only 10 minutes away.
  • I designed and implemented my own studio strobe. (Which is unique and completely different market products)
  • I designed and implemented touch screen darkroom control panel and enlarger for my needs.
  • I designed and implemented Light Meter and Spectrum Analyzer and integrated to my strobe trigger.

I was born just after the 1980 coup. In these days my country was in a complicated situation. So, I think that the rebellious climate back then effected me, as I also have a distinctively rebellious nature, questioning everything. This is why I always tried to find one thing or another to express my self and my thoughts. So, I treaded many paths to find my true passion. (Such as software development, technical director, system engineer, fragrant design, glass bottle design, dog training, teacher, author, editor, painting, self-development coach) when I finally found my fulfillment in photography.

Here is the short story. Once upon a time in 2007... My close friend (photographer) said to me; "So sorry, but you cannot be a photographer." And I just accepted this and never tried it. But someday I couldn't stop myself trying some pinhole photography. After many years, I met with Hardy Wilson ( when he was visiting my country. He encouraged me to turn back to photography. I'm so grateful to him. (Thank you my dear friend. You're the initiator of my photography life!) And the third person is Burak Bulut Yildirim. (, who is "The Master of the Light". I learned many things about light from him and we became  friends. He has a great heart and so passionate about photography. He has master pieces which I want to see on my wall. 🙂 Thank you so much Burak for your friendship. I'm so lucky that I came across Hardy and Burak in my life.

I don't stick to any specific camera brand, but my path crossed with Nikon in many ways. I upgraded my Nikon D5100 after 58.000 shots to Nikon D750. I used Nikon D90, Nikon D810, Nikon D7200, Fujifilm X-Pro2, Canon for a while. (I think Cannon has an unpleasant menu) For all cameras I can say, I didn't/couldn't use the automatic modes, but only manual mode. Also, I have Nikon F90X, Zenit 122 and Minolta with B/W film reel. And I also tried some other SLRs. I like the chemical photography too. I develop and print B/W films by my self in my darkroom and my own designed digital enlarger. Still, I can't wait for the outcome after the development. 🙂